Planning Hadrian’s Wall Path


I’m currently planning this trek for around Easter time when I have time off from studies, therefore it has to be a short-ish trek I can complete during the week when accommodation prices are lower and still have time for uni work (inconvenient I know!). The trek should take me 4 days to complete, walking a distance of 146.5km. 

For the planning I’m using the Cicerone guide third edition, it even comes with a pull out map of the trail. 


I use the route summary table as a rough guide to plan my route stages.  For easy to intermediate treks I average around 40-45km a day, using the table I can work out my destination for each day and organize accommodation.

My route is as follows, subject to change due to accommodation availability:

  1. Bowness-on-Solway to Newtown. 38.5km
  2. Newtown to Carraw Farm. 39.5km
  3. Carraw Farm to Lemington Community Centre. 41.5km
  4. Lemington Community Centre to Abeia Roman Fort. 30km

I will post later about the accommodation I’ve chosen, how I’m travelling there and back from London and the gear I will be using!


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