With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy? – Oscar Wilde


My name is Kat Fraser, my hobby is trekking.

I guess iimg_2439t started by having always been an ‘outdoors’ person I sometimes find it testing living in the London.  A few years ago, instead of enduring the overcrowded daily commute on the tube I started walking the 10 mile round journey to work.  Completing my own treks and reading experiences of Rosie Swale Pope, Sarah Marquis and Cheryl Strayed, I’m slowly writing my own story.

Im now a student and in my spare time try to walk as much as possible and planning new adventures.  I’ve created this blog in the hope it may cross the path of someone similar and wants to share experiences or to inspire someone to start trekking.

Im happiest when walking solo in the fresh air, trying my best not to get lost or fall of a cliff…!