Leith Hill (Surrey)

When you feel as though you need to escape the city for fresh air, forget over crowded Richmond Park with it’s many tourists and constant low flying plane traffic, head to the Surrey Hills instead.

Granted it’s easier if you have a car but there are good train links with connecting buses, plus on weekends you aren’t paying top dollar peak prices.

One of my favorite routes is near Dorking around Leith Hill and the surrounding woodlands. There is a 2.5-mile route on the National Trust website which also tells you where to park, but with so many trails around it you can easily add millage if you want to.fullsizeoutput_879.jpeg

I particularly like this walk because of the varying gradient and surroundings, from fields to woodlands, steep and flat terrain.

Pack a lunch because when you finish the walk you end up at Leith Tower with spectacular panoramic views, or just stop to admire them for a while and head to one of the many country pubs for a celebratory beer!